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since 2001

Casewise South Africa has been a value added reseller in South Africa since 2001.  Supporting many of the world’s leading organisations across a wide range of vertical markets, our solutions enable organisations to visualise, understand, analyse, audit and continually enhance business strategy, complex operating processes, information flows, application deployment and IT infrastructures. Combining our comprehensive range of solutions and services; and with a deep understanding of vertical markets and economies, the Casewise name has become synonymous within the domains of Business Process Analysis, Business Process Management, Information Management, Enterprise Architecture and Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Our Servuces
Our services include:
Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management
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Organisations usually know what they should do to get the results they want.  But sometimes things get in the way: clunky processes, inefficient teams, lack of information poor communication.  Employees who spend time fighting fires, hunting for data and reacting to unnecessary roadblocks can't execute on your Strategic Objectives - and that puts success at risk!

But priorities change...  The regulatory environment or marketplace shifts, and teams react quickly with new products, services, roles and technologies.  These new additions help businesses stay competitive, but they can also create layers of complexity, inefficiency, friction and resistance that impede success.

Casewise Enterprise Insight solutions deliver a correct, current, consistent and complete view of your Organisation's Strategy, resources and activities.

Data Modelling
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Data Modelling has always been the best way to understand complex data sources and automate design standards and integrity rules.  

Today, the role of Data Modelling has expanded as the central point of collaboration between data generators, stewards and consumers.

That's because Data Modelling is the best way to visualize metadata and metadata is now the heart of Enterprise Data Management, as well as Data Governance and intelligence efforts.

By Modelling your Data, it has proved that if you take the time and make the investment upfront, you avoid the pain of costly mistakes further along in the development process.  So the Data Model is a low-risk, low-cost capability that supports many use cases.

Data Intelligence
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It's becoming more important than ever before to Manage "The business of IT” effectively and efficiently. Mobile, social media, the cloud, digital disruption, etc. is transforming the way businesses operate. The digital economy means technology plays a leading role at every level.


IT capabilities often develop over time as organisations grow and react to environmental and marketplace changes. The end result is a patchwork of discrete solutions and legacy systems that get the job done but need maintenance, attention and improvement.


Casewise Business Transformation experts will help you align the organisation’s IT estate with its overall strategy. Casewise will provide a clear, comprehensive view of current IT capabilities and assets so IT leadership can rationalise, consolidate and modernise its technology.

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