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Casewise Provides International Accredited 

Certification Training

Casewise provides a fully comprehensive catalogue of training courses, specially designed to enable the various roles within the organisation to become fully autonomous as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

Foundation Course Outline

About the course

The course deals with the native functionality of erwin Modeler and provides the ideal opportunity to test the functionality of the toolset in an controlled environment – we typically encourage delegates to get as much as possible exposure to the functionality of the toolset to ensure a level of comfort with erwin Modeler that will enable them to model with confidence once the course has been completed.

What you will learn

The course covers everything a modeler needs to know to establish a comprehensive corporate repository. The course covers the following topics:

  • Modelling Principles

  • Working with objects in the knowledge repository

  • Basic erwin Evolve Concepts and Vocabulary

  • Customising your workspace

  • Basic Diagramming using new and existing objects

  • Use of standard modelling templates

  • Navigation to succeeding diagrams (Following the end-to-end process flow)

  • Properties and Associations creation and management

  • Object Explorer, reports and data management

  • Importing and exporting data to and from MS Excel using Automodeler

  • Creating a MS PowerPoint slideshow from a Model using Automodeler

  • Introduction to the Evolve HTML publication

  • Introduction to business process simulation


All theory is accompanied by practical exercises.



  • Delegates attending the course needs to be proficient users of the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Minimum of 5 delegates required in order to conduct a training course.

The course is intended for persons that will be using the erwin Evolve Suite. Usually, but not limited to Business Analysts, Process Owners, Solution Architects, Domain Architect and Enterprise Architects.

Please contact if you have any training requirements.

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