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erwin Data Modeler

The world's No.1 Data Modelling Software

What is erwin Data Modeler

erwin Data Modeler (erwin DM) is an award-winning data modeling tool used to find, visualize, design, deploy and standardize high-quality enterprise data assets. Discover and document any data from anywhere for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data integration, master data management, metadata management, Big Data, business intelligence and analytics initiatives – all while supporting data governance and intelligence efforts.

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Why Data Modelling with erwin?

erwin DM has been the most trusted name in data modelling for more than 30 years. The world’s top financial services, healthcare, critical infrastructure and technology companies, including those on the Fortune 500, use the erwin modelling tool. In today’s data-driven enterprise, its benefits have expanded to a wide range of architects, business analysts and data administrators to support their strategic initiatives. These are some of erwin DM’s unique advantages:

Modern, Customizable Modelling Environment

Automate complex and time-consuming tasks for more effective database design, standardization, deployment and maintenance. Visualize complex business and technical data structures, automatically generating data models in a single, intuitive interface.

Breadth of DBMS Integrations & Metadata Bridges

Translate the technical format of the major cloud and on-premise database platforms into highly graphical models rich in metadata, thanks to built-in interfaces. erwin DM also provides out-of-the-box bridges for metadata exchange and transformation from other modelling environments, data management platforms and metadata exchange formats.

Model & Database Comparisons

The Complete Compare facility, with Quick Compare templates, automates bidirectional synchronization of models, scripts and databases; compares one item with the other; displays any differences, and permits selective updates, generating ALTER scripts when necessary.

Roundtrip Engineering

Forward- and reverse-engineering of database code, integration with erwin DM NoSQL, and model exchange ensures efficiency, effectiveness and consistency in designing, standardizing, deploying and documenting data structures for comprehensive enterprise database management.

Data Catalog & Business Glossary Integration

erwin DM is an essential source of and one of the best ways to view metadata. It’s a critical enabler of data governance and intelligence, so metadata from erwin data models automatically can be harvested and then ingested into our data catalog and business glossary.

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erwin Data Modeler License Types

erwin DM is available in several versions with additional options to help customers improve the quality and agility of their data capabilities:

erwin DM Standard Edition

Includes reusable standards such as model templates, domains, automation macros, naming and datatype standards, and the widest range of model integration and interoperability bridges.

erwin DM Workgroup Edition

Extends data modeling capabilities with a centralized model management repository, collaborative modeling with conflict resolution, and change management with auditing.

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erwin DM Navigator Edition

Helps organizations collaborate by providing a wide range of roles with read-only access to erwin data models and metadata.

erwin DM Safyr Option

Extracts and converts data from ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications for accurate modelling and analysis, plus consolidates duplicate systems.

erwin DM Web Portal

Enables self-service access to visualizations and detailed metadata within erwin data models to encourage stakeholder collaboration and increase data literacy.

erwin DM NoSQL

Provides enterprise-class data modeling for NoSQL databases, so organizations can model and manage their unstructured data as effectively as traditional data sources.

Benefits of the erwin Data Modelling Tool

erwin Data models reduce complexity, making it easier to design, deploy and understand data sources to meet business needs. erwin DM also automates and standardizes model design tasks, including complex queries, to improve business alignment, ensure data integrity and simplify integration. With erwin DM, users experience these benefits:


Visualization of Any Data
From Anywhere

See structured or unstructured enterprise data regardless of location – in a relational database, a data warehouse or in the cloud – within a single interface.

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Automated Data Model & Database Schema Generation

Automatically generate data models and database designs to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

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Centralized Model Development & Management

An integrated view of conceptual, logical and physical data models helps business and technical stakeholders understand data structures and meaning.


Data Literacy, Collaboration & Accountability

Improve data intelligence and decision-making across the enterprise by maximizing the ability of stakeholders to use, understand and trust relevant data.


Agile Application Development

Consolidate and build applications with hybrid architectures, including traditional, Big Data, cloud and on premise.


Reduced Risks & Costs

Automation and standardization of data definitions and structures reduces risks and costs, plus you can test changes and new applications before they go into production.


Increased Data Quality

By using data models to define and deploy enterprise data standards, you’ll realize more consistency and higher quality in data management.


Successful Cloud Adoption

Automated schema engineering and deployment accelerates and ensures successful adoption of cloud platforms, like Snowflake, including auto documenting existing schema into reusable models.


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